Friday, July 31, 2009

Home Laika Home

For all those that are curious, here is how it all happened:

The Facebook entries led to local blog posts in The NY Times, the Brooklyn Paper, The Clinton Hill Blog and several others. Channel 12 News - the local cable channel for Brooklyn - found the "Dognapping" story online and called me for an interview. -

The first segment aired at 5.30pm. By 6.15pm I had a call from the station, with the number of Latisha, who said she had seen Laika in her neighborhood. Latisha described the couple she had seen and I nearly fell off my chair. She said the woman was white, had red hair, wore glasses, and always wore long white clothes. 'EVERYONE in my neighborhood knows them. He is in the wheelchair, and he got dark wavy hair. I saw the dog with them this morning"

Her description exactly matched the security camera footage. We got in the car and went off to East New York.

Twenty minutes later we are standing on Atlantic Avenue and Eastern Parkway in the dark. I spoke to a girl with a small dog coming out of the deli. "We think the dog was taken by a man in a wheelchair...""Oh yes!" she says, "they live right there!". She pointed across the street to a run-down tenement under the bridge on Atlantic.

I drove through one red light on the way over, I was so anxious to get there. By the time we have found the apartment door, we have accumulated a crowd of seven people. They are all around us, looking at the poster. "I seen that dog!". But, (frustration!) the apartment is empty... We are just about to go downstairs to consider our next move, when David suggests that I call Laika's name through the door.

I bend down. "Laika! Laika!". From behind the door I suddenly hear whimpering, banging, scratching and snuffling. Incredibly, it really was Laika.

So, thank you for all your good wishes. It was a pretty amazing experience. We are very glad that Laika is home safe, and would particularly like to thank:

Aylam Orian - for his tireless efforts and sense of justice.
Donna Lentol- for her generosity and hard work
Liz Houley - for driving around with her daughters to put up posters and encouraging emails.
Roberta Glick - for her constant encouragement, calls and emails.
Terry Radigan - for threatening our neighbors in her crash helmet
Mary Nguyen - for the TV spot that reunited us
Robin Lester - for support and quick posting
Lee Solomon - for excellent advice and practical thoughts

Detective Roger's number if you see Laika

Detective Rogers - (718) 636-6547

Wheelchair couple seen at 11am this morning on Fulton near the Greene Grape!

We got there ten minutes later and they were gone. Grrr. So close!

BUT we do know that they walk the same route a lot, so are going back there tonight and all day tomorrow.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The latest news on Laika

Laika has not yet been found, but we have some news:

The posters have been working. I have had lots of calls with tips, sightings and offers of help. Thank you so much, we really appreciate it.

One very important tip came from a local, who said that the man in a wheelchair is a local character who always wears RED. If you look at the video, you will see that he is wearing red pants! The man hangs out on Myrtle Avenue and Downtown Brooklyn (Court St). We are concentrating our foot/bike forays there.

Detective Rogers and the 88th Precinct have been on the case - actively investigating along Fulton St today.

Assemblyman Joseph Lentol is drafting petnapping legislation today, prompted by Laika's case. This will be to raise the importance of the crime, from "Lost Property" to a felony.

Assemblyman Lentol also personally called the 88th to thank them for their help.

Laika will be featured on the front cover of the Brooklyn Paper for the next edition.

Brooklyn News Channel 12 is interviewing us and broadcasting her picture tomorrow.

On Friday night, we will be at the same place at the same time as she was taken last week.

On Saturday, we invite all friends and well-wishers to help us search in a coordinated effort during the day.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Laika being prayed for by a Brooklyn Church

Wow. Just got a phone message from the organizer of the Brooklyn churches telling me they were praying for the return of my dog to come back tomorrow. She called me from one of the posters. How amazing.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Val Turino

Many thanks for your extraordinary connections and kindness

Laika spotted on Atlantic Avenue

One of my brilliant neighbors, Aylam, was handing out posters. He talked to a young woman who saw a grey dog matching Laika's description out alone near Atlantic Ave mall last night... Hoping against hope that it is not her, but have a horrible feeling it is. It is only a five minute walk from our house and the place she was taken from... Our great friends are all looking for her tonight.

Special thank you to Liz H. and Aylam today, and the lovely new friends who have been mobilizing.